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HomEvolution is a Healthy Building Consulting company. Building and environment examinations to diagnose threats to a healthy home, recommend treatment remedies, and manage healing process to enhance the health of the inhabitants.

Is that cell tower in your neighborhood keeping you awake at night?

Ask an electrosmog specialist.

Increasingly, reports show devastating effects from electrosmog in your home.

  • High-Tension wires causing leukemia!
  • Cell phones causing brain tumors!
  • Wireless networking causing migraines!
  • Dirty electricity linked to insomnia and restlessness!
  • Connections between autism and electrosmog during pregnancy!

Find out what you can do about it; contact the House Doctor, an electrosmog specialist.

The House Doctor is an Electrical Engineer trained in Building Biology and Alternative Healthcare.
At HomEvolution we diagnose and treat your home; a healthy house supports a healthy family.

Introductory Offer!
Electrosmog Check-up for a house or condo — $95

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