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  • Consulting
    Healthy Building Consulting: Construction for Electromagnetic Sensitive and Multi-Chemical Sensitive People › EMR Minimization › Green & Healthy... Read more »

  • Project Management
    Project Management for Healthy Building Projects: EMR Shielding Mold Removal Asbestos Removal Lead Removal or Management during... Read more »

  • Examinations
    Examinations: Code Inspections Mold Detection and Analysis Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Analysis Allergen... Read more »

  • Awareness Education
    Healthy Home Awareness Education: For the people with the greatest need to know: Electromagnetically Sensitive People › Multi-Chemically Sensitive People › Pregnant Women › Women of Child Bearing age › Mothers of young children Men desiring to be fathers For people providing home services: Inspectors Electricians General Contractors Painters Ventilation Cleaning For health care practitioners:... Read more »